The Internet of Things (IoT) and connected devices are changing and impacting each aspect of our lives. Digital Personas provides IoT solutions and services for connected products and wearable IoT devices for all industries & domains including healthcare, smart appliances for homes & offices, smart energy devices, automotive, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), transportation & logistics and smart consumer devices, to name a few. We are a One Stop IoT Services company offering IoT Consultancy starting from Strategy, Feasibility, Product Engineering & Manufacturing, Cloud Integration Services, Connected Applications, and Quality Engineering. Our IoT Solutions includes Zigbee® IoT Gateway, Bluetooth IoT Gateway, Thread IoT Gateway & Z-Wave IoT Gateway, Connectivity Modules,  System On Module (SoM). Our IoT Solution also includes – Volanium an End to End IoT Test Framework.

Digital Personas has provided IoT solutions and services by helping customers on engineering and realizing IoT Edge Node Devices, IoT Gateways, WiFi Enabled IoT Devices with various low power connectivity like SubGHz, Bluetooth, Zigbee®, Z-Wave and Wi-Fi, Thread, Wireless Mesh Technologies, Ethernet, Cellular IoT, NBIoT & LoRa.  

As enterprises undergo digital transformation, more consumer, enterprise and industrial products get connected, Digital Personas has helped Building and maintaining IoT Cloud SaaS and PaaS platforms on top of AWS, Azure & Rackspace and have helped products getting connected with IoT ready platforms such as AWS IoT, IBM Watson IoT, Ayla, Evrythng, Clear blade. Digital Personas also provides cloud collaboration solutions and multiple cloud integration services to serve cloud-ready IoT solutions to various industries.

Designing a great user experience for IoT products is easier said than done. Building intuitive user experience for one new app alone is a challenge, whereas IoT systems often consist of a couple of devices, a number of applications and interfaces with diverse functionality, input-output data streams, and user rights distribution. Digital Personas has built and multiple IoT Product Applications with excellent UI/UX with apps in hands of millions of users that are having a direct relationship with Brand value.  Building Connected app needs a special partner like Digital Personas who poses knowledge and experience of devices as well.

Industrial design and app UI are the most visible elements of connected product design. But while they are important, they’re only part of the picture. You could create a beautiful app and a stunning piece of hardware, and users could still have a poor experience if the system components don’t work together coherently. Digital Personas helps IoT solutions and connected products companies by providing Quality Engineering services providing an end to end IoT Solution Testing.

What is Unique About Us?

We are among few IoT services companies that excel at all IoT engineering and connected solutions, with expertise on embedded devices, cloud, and mobile under a single roof. We provide IoT solutions featuring rich architecture with the in-built capability and hooks to automate more than 90% of validation efforts.