Supplier relationship management solutions

SAP Extended Sourcing

SAP Sourcing covers the entire strategic source to contract process, including standard integration to SAP ECC and SRM, across all categories of spend. It consists of a suite of the following solutions:
  • SAP Strategic Sourcing
  • SAP Contract Lifecycle Management (SAP CLM)
  • SAP Supplier Management

SAP Extended Procurement

To maintain high-quality output while lowering supply costs, you need ultra-efficient SRM procurement processes. With SAP Supplier Relationship Management, you can streamline and standardize the purchase of goods and services:
  • Shrink procurement costs by closing the loop from source to pay
  • Automate operational processes to increase efficiencies and avoid maverick buying
  • Drive user adoption with consumer-grade shopping interfaces
  • Gain greater visibility into supplier relationships and performance
  • Accelerate procurement processing and cycle times

SAP Contract Lifecycle Management

SAP Contract Lifecycle Management (SAP CLM) lets you optimize corporate contracts by automating contract creation, enhancing visibility, improving compliance, and delivering rapid time to value. By managing the entire contract lifecycle consistently across the enterprise, you can realize the full value of your contracts, resulting in higher profits and lower legal and financial risk.

Key features

  • Standardized, automated contract creation from clause libraries and templates
  • Streamline the approval process with consistent, preapproved language, controlled edits, and appropriate approvals.
  • Fully searchable repository
  • Contract performance management
  • Encourage purchasing under contract terms, track accruals against contracts, and streamline activities by quickly reporting on outstanding commitments and contracts.
  • Integration with back-end systems and processes
  • Improve compliance by integrating contract information into back-end systems.
  • Management of expirations and contract audits
  • Optimize contract negotiations by initiating timely renewals and leveraging the full contract history to negotiate better terms and conditions.

SAP Supplier Self Service

Rely on SAP Supplier Self-Service software as the IT foundation for supplier collaboration – the key enabler of order accuracy, process efficiencies, and reduced invoice exceptions. When you share information and automate processes with suppliers, you speed PO execution and cut processing time and cost.


  • Reduce overhead and paperwork with streamlined supplier collaboration
  • Empower your supply base with self-service capabilities
  • Focus on strategic procurement activities by freeing up critical staff time

SAP Spend Performance Management

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