My Time-Sheets 3.0

Business Challenge

Requirement to capture people time against the mining tenements as a regulatory requirement for Customer to maintain tenements.

Customer does not a have a time sheeting solution and SAP CAT’s is not used.

New Solution should be intuitive and reliable to be able to capture time with mobile processing options.

Solution Approach

Design Thinking Approach

Standard My Timesheet App 3.0 was enabled in a day for customer relativity as a start point to this requirement. Few iterations of workshops to finalize and sign off the additional enhancements required for the standard app.


Daily scrum meetings with the Customer key contact to manage M-S-C Scorecard in order to priorities build components with the continuous testing mechanism.  Security and UAT test scripts are finalized.


Deployment and Production verification testing executed based on customer  approvals & sign off.


Knowledge transition to Support Team. Defects and Minor fixes managed through Customer change & incident processes.

Solution Outcome

Role-based Fiori App – My Timesheet 3.0 was extended to support Customer customized process of time entry.

User will be able to make multiple time entries easily from anywhere and with any device.

App has been designed to make users more productive by giving options like duplicate week and To-do List to make time entry easy and simple

More custom features are added to make app productive, usable for employees and vendors across all departments

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